At Wellworking, we are all about working well, wherever work is.

Organisations that focus on wellbeing in the workplace see benefits such as improvements to staff attraction and retention rates, absenteeism reduction and productivity improvements.

Some of the questions our clients are trying to answer are: What is Workplace Wellbeing? What can we do to improve the wellbeing of our staff? What is the potential impact of increased focus on staff wellbeing? Do we have enough resource to focus on wellbeing in our workplace?

We help organisations develop structured, effective and affordable wellbeing programmes and our clients include global corporations, government departments, NGOs and SMEs. We offer guidance, training and products in a way that encourages engagement amongst staff and drives measurable benefits.

After the pandemic caused a period of significant change in the way we work, agile and remote working are set to be the norm for many organisations. Our approach helps clients both in an office environment and those working at home.

We are proud to have won an award for 'Workplace Wellbeing Programme of the Year' at the ukActive awards. We are delighted to be able to apply our experience in this field to our own staff and receive such a positive recognition.

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Our Services include:

  • Ergonomic assessments
  • Virtual online assessments
  • Wellbeing seminars
  • Independent guidance on how to improve mental health
  • Addressing musculoskeletal problems
  • Building resilience
  • Helping organisations ensure legislation compliance and managing risk from computer usage


To find out how we can help you:

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Our Wellbeing Team have gained vast experience in ergonomics and healthy working which they regularly share in seminars, private training and through our Wellworking blog.

We keep up to date with all industry news and best practice so we can offer our clients the best advice on working well.

As a company we enjoy sharing what we have learnt and how we feel the workplace world is developing.

Our experts are also available to hold private wellbeing workshops within organisations.


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